Snap and Review

No other platform is using our unique experience rating system. TasteFinder use a 3 step review process based on food experience, service and atmosphere. The 4 rating choices are Bad, Ok, Good and Excellent.

The News Feed

Tastefinder uses location based services to show you what people near you are eating. If you are indecisive of what to eat, look through the news feed and it will help you decide your next meal.

Find the Most Popular Foods in the Area

The most unique and helpful feature of Tastefinder is the popular food section. By using location based services it will show you the most popular foods item in the area. You can sort the findings by the number of reviews per food item or the highest rating to see the desired results. Over time by using this data, we can determine your preferences and make individualized food recommendations.

Find Foodie Events

Don’t you hate it when you miss food truck week or restaurant week because you didn’t hear about it? Tastefinder events allow users to search and join local foodie events. You will have the ability to show interest, join, and comment or share it with your friends and make plans to attend.

Restaurant Information

To know more about a restaurant, simply move to the restaurant tab and click on the restaurant that you want to view. You will be able to find valuable information such as the ambiance rating and service rating before you make your final decision.

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