Our Philosophy of Business

“We strive to provide the best for both customers and restaurants”

For Restaurants:

As previous restaurant owners, we wanted to build a platform that can be beneficial not only for the customers, but also for the restaurants. TasteFinder is the only low cost restaurant coupon distribution app in the market. We don’t do advertising campaigns like Facebook and Yelp or require the restaurants to give a 50% off discount on purchases. The restaurants pay a flat monthly fee of $50 a month to advertise their coupons on three platforms (Web, IOS and Android). If you are hosting events such as Happy Hour or Trivia Nights, select the Event Advertising package along with your Coupon package to increase popularity of the event. We offer online ordering for $1.00 per order, which is the lowest rate in the industry. If you have a fax machine, we can set up Online Ordering in under an hour. You have the ability to add your menu, edit the menu and even add pictures of the menu items for free even if you don’t want to take advantage of the coupon system. We have no hidden fees or additional charges.

For Users:

Currently, people are using multiple apps or websites to discover local events, restaurants and deals. Therefore, we wanted to build one platform where everyone can come to find out the nearest events, restaurants and deals. You can find out a list of restaurants near you and the best food items for each city with Tastefinder. You can find multiple categories of events listed in the app. We are trying to connect users to the best local happy hours, live music venues, DJ’s/dancing, karaoke/trivia nights, outdoor activities and kids and family night events.

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